Setup and use site search shortcut for Browser

Sep 24, 2022

Use the "man" Command in Chrome

Configure Google Chrome to go straight to any man page with a handy omnibox shortcut.

  • Step 1: In the tab, go to Chrome's settings.

Go To Chrome's Settings

  • Step 2: Click to Search engine tab and click Manage search engines and site search

Manage search engines and site search

  • Step 3: Scroll down to Site search section and click Add

Add site search

  • Step 4: Fill this form and click Add
Field Value
Search engine Command
Shortcut man
URL with %s in place of query

Fill form

That's it! Now you can type "man {your command}" in your address bar to go straight to the corresponding man page.

For example, type "man grep". Once you've typed "man" followed by space, the omnibox show that you're going to "Search Command". Then type grep and hit enter:

Search grep Command

You'll go straight to the grep man page:

grep man page